Reiki Reviews

My experience with Rhonda was amazing. I’m not sure how this Reiki “magic” works, but I felt things start to change even after just contacting her. As she worked with me, it wasn’t so much that I started receiving lots of particular insights or epiphanies, I just noticed that I started feeling better and better. It became easier to consistently maintain a deep feeling of joy and gratefulness and I felt an increased sense of freedom and flow in every moment. Rhonda is a radiant, loving, wise and nurturing spirit – I recommend her highly. I’m very much looking forward to my next session with her.
-Brent McAlister

Rhonda offered to give me distance reiki on a day that was particularly challenging for me in am emotional level. I was experiencing quite a bit of worry and anxiety. She went into detail and explained the process, since I am unfamiliar with the practice of reiki. I was very open and optimistic and trusted Rhonda. She let me know when she would begin and once she finished the session so I could be aware and give focus to any physical or mental sensations. During that time period I felt something in my chest… I would explain it as a feeling of butterflies. However, It was the following day that was of particular interest. I woke up and put into practice the advice Rhonda gave me and the day was very positive for me. Several events fell into place on a professional level and my overall outlook was very different from just hours before. I continue to feel lighter and free from worry and would attribute that to Rhonda’s session. Rhonda has a huge heart full of love, generosity and kindness and has a genuine desire to help others improve their quality of life. Thank you for your attention and continued care, Rhonda!
– Michelle Wettstein

Thank you so much for the great Reiki session, Rhonda. I do feel more normal, more connected…more like in tune with my maternal feminine if that makes any sense. Like more connected to the loving, nourishing female side of myself, soft, gentle, renewing, and patient. Peaceful.
-Melanie Pina

I found my session with Rhonda to be very relaxing and calming.
-Patrick Wagener