Alesandra's Story

I never thought I’d sleep normally again – not after ten years on sleeping pills. It was a private issue, not one I admitted, and as a result suffered far longer than necessary.

What started with one pill became a cocktail of pills to treat insomnia, anxiety, depression and pain.  For a decade this was my life until one day I wanted my life back.  I went cold-turkey and would have died without medical supervision. This is not a journey to do alone and asking for help is the first step on a road worth taking.

The use of psychoactive medications is leaving too many trapped.  Oh it doesn’t happen instantly. It would be easier if it did, as we’d know the dangers quickly.  Over time we stop sleeping; tempers flare; we lose interest in life… they change who we are and I didn’t realize how much I had changed until I escaped.

The journey back taught me how to heal but most importantly, how to help others recover.  Ten years ago our nonprofit Point of Return was founded to help people worldwide. I’ve learned we are all the same – we want good health; deep sleep; the ability to follow our dreams; feel connected.  Most importantly I discovered that God gave our bodies a chemical symphony that works beautifully if we heal.

It’s a personal decision to come off addictive medications. The side effects and tolerance to the medication drive many to seek healthier options.

At Point of Return we all have a personal story of adversity, addiction and subsequent healing. We know what it is to wake drug-free; experience life fully; feel alive – this state is one we are dedicated to helping you achieve. We can assure you that it is worth the effort!

Alesandra Rain

Cofounder, Point of Return

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